Pre Trial Detainees

Pre Trial Detainees

Services For County Jail Inmates

We typically provide our services to county jail inmates who are represented by public defenders or private attorneys who are not being effective in their representation.

Motion for Discovery

(motions to compel discovery for, both, pre-indictment and post indictment; includes Brady Motions for exculpatory evidence: evidence that negates the guilt of the defendant)

PDA (Pretrial Detention Appeals)

for inmates who wish to challenge the denial of their release pending trial)

Extensive Research

(A unique feature we provide is Case Outlines: thoroughly canvassing discoveries from first to last page in search of technicalities, contradictions, and constitutional violations. We will serve as their legal interpreter and articulate the legal grievances to the attorney on their behalf)

Pretrial Motions

(A pretrial motion is filed before trial and typically before plea bargaining. Pretrial motions are filed to combat and weaken the State’s case. There are several Pretrial motions that can be filed, such as: Suppression of Evidence, Suppression of Statements (Miranda hearing), Dismissal of Indictment, Wade Hearing (attacks admissibility of identification), Withdrawal of Plea, etc.)

Private Investigation

(Tracking down witness statements for alibi and defense strategy)


(Before sentencing, presenting Mitigating Factors on the behalf defendants’ in efforts to reduce their sentence pursuant to State v. Megargel, 143 N.J. 484, 498, (1996))


(Assistance in form preparation, applications for hardships, waivers, etc.)

Parole Matters

(We assist inmates in revocation proceedings for parolees sent back to, appealing technical violations)

Probation Violations

(We assist prisoners in the appeal of VOP and the sentence rendered thereof)


(Interstate Agreement on Detainers: assisting inmates in the settlement of their out-of-state detainers)

Municipal Court

(Assisting inmates in the settlement of their fines, tickets, etc.)

Civil Litigation

(Notice of Tort Claim must be filed 90-days after injury, and institutional remedies must be exhausted in order to file 1983 Civil Rights Claimin Federal court)

Family Court

Assisting inmates in the filing of family court motions)

Post Sentencing

Reconsideration of Sentence

(After the Judge imposes a sentence, a Motion for Reconsideration of the sentence may be filed in efforts to reduce the time. This motion must be filed within 60-days of the sentencing date, but there are exceptions in place where the motion can be filed at any time)

Direct Appeals

(We assist in filing appeals to the Appellate Division to attack the validity of convictions. It does not matter if the defendant took a plea, he/she still reserves their rights to appeal)

Post-Conviction Relief

(This motion is typically filed where the trial court attorney was Ineffective in representation; there has been Newly Discovered Evidence since conviction; Prosecutorial Misconduct, Sentencing Issues, etc.)

Parole Matters

(We assist in the development and construction of Pre-Parole packets which we submit to the Parole board for consideration prior to the Panel Hearing in efforts to enhance probability of being released on Parole)

Change of Custody

(A Change of Custody Motion is filed on the behalf of individuals who are seeking drug/alcohol treatment in a therapeutic environment. This motion is a formal request for treatment and transfer to a therapeutic rehabilitation center which prison does not provider)