The People’s Paralegal & Research Services is an affordable research, motion and form preparation service ran by experienced paralegals that cater to free citizens and non-citizens (immigration), and incarcerated citizens confined throughout New Jersey’s county jails and DOC institutions. This service was created to provide free citizens and inmates/detainees with cost-effective, high-quality professional legal services that would be otherwise unavailable for the expensive rates typically associated with legal assistance.We are aware that:1.) Most citizens are unaware of the cost-effective options they can take to address their legal matter; 2.) Most immigrants are not aware of all the forms of relief available to them as they go through immigration proceedings and, if need be, their appeal options thereafter; 3.) Most incarcerated individuals do not possess the resources nor legal knowledge to efficiently perform the extensive in-depth research their case requires, left to rely solely on the word counsel; and 4.) Most Post-Conviction (Sentenced) inmates are not aware of all their appeal rights and options.

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