Non Citizensvimmigration

Most non-citizens in America without papers live day-to-day in fear due to the current Administration’s deportation propaganda. Most immigrants and non-citizens are unaware of their legal options and the various immigration forms of relief available to them to adjust or gain status—regardless if they entered this country illegally. Our mission is to inform the affected populations of their rights and help them exercise those rights at moderate rates in comparison to the expensive cost associated with immigration services. In order to find out what form(s) of relief you are eligible for, you must come into our office for a detailed assessment from which we will be able to determine through a series of questions what forms of relief are available to you or not. The importance of the assessment cannot be understated as it is the first step, a necessary step, that you must take before filing any forms in the immigration courts. The primary purpose of filing forms of relief is to obtain a Green Card for yourself, a spouse, or family members. We specialize in the preparations of the following forms:


(We assist families and individual in form preparation and filing of immigration Waivers for “hardships” which include but are not limited to: Health- an ongoing or specialized treatment for a physical or mental condition; Financial – future employability, loss of home or business, decline in standard of living, etc.; Education – loss of opportunity for higher education, etc.; Personal – communities ties, close relatives in the U.S. , separation from spouse or children, etc.; Special factors – valid fears of persecution or physical harm in home country. There also exist Waivers for “Extreme Hardship” and “Exceptional and Extremely Unusual Hardship” which particularly applies to the alien and immigrant parents with children who were born in American. An assessment must be conducted to discover exactly what Waivers may be available for your relief)

Asylum, Withholding of Removal, and Convention Against Torture (“CAT”)

(These are three laws the United States has created to help people who are afraid to return their home countries because they feel they will be persecuted in their home countries or have reason to believe they will be. Asylum is meant to protect people victimized by persecution because of:Race, Gender, Religion, Nationality, Political opinion or Party Membership, and Group Membership. An assessment must be conducted to determine your eligibility for this application)

Temporary Protected Status or TPS

(TPS is a temporary benefit for immigrants that has come under attack under the Trump administration. This year, the government decided to eliminate TPS for nationals from El Salvador, affecting an estimated 250,000 immigrants and their families. In addition, the government decided to eliminate TPS for Honduras, affecting an estimated 60,000 individuals and their families. Other countries in the TPS chopping block include Haiti, Nepal, Sudan and others. This is the time to look for permanent solutions to your immigration status, because TPS is temporary in nature. We will review your TPS situation and conduct an assessment to determine a permanent solution. In some cases, TPS holders will be better served by filing an asylum application, in other cases, the TPS holder could receive benefits from a family or labor-based petition.