Free Citizens

Free Citizens

Free Citizens

Municipal Court

(Assisting citizens in the settlement of unpaid fines and tickets where undue hardship is shown; appeals of Municipal court decision in your case)

Family Court

(Assisting citizens in the preparation of family court forms; divorce, child support matter, child custody)


(Criminal history must first be reviewed in order to make a sufficient assessment to determine your eligibility)

Criminal Matters

(Assisting citizens fight criminal cases who are represented by public defenders who are ineffective and inattentive to their cases. We provide legal insight, research and assistance in motion preparation)

Civil Matters

(We assist in suit filing, answering a suit that has been filed against you; Tort Claim Notice, personal injury, etc.)


(We assist in eligibility assessments to determine what forms of relief may be available based off your circumstances, status, history, etc. Additionally, we assist in form preparation)