About our Successes

Our Mission

People’s Paralegals are professionally certified and dedicated to maintaining a high level of competence, active and diligent in the study of law. It is our mission to offer these services to the populations who do not about them or would not be able to afford them otherwise, and to provide professional services to the incarcerated at moderate rates. We are committed to maintaining a high level of personal and professional integrity and confidentiality, consistent with the high standards of professional conduct. As we are for the People, we are sincere in our desire to assist and contribute to best the possible outcome of your legal matters.

Who we are

The People’s Paralegal & Research Services is an affordable research, motion and form preparation service ran by experienced paralegals that cater to free citizens and non-citizens, and incarcerated citizens confined throughout New Jersey’s county jails and DOC institutions. This service was created to provide free citizens and inmates/detainees with cost-effective, high-quality professional legal services that would be otherwise unavailable for the expensive rates typically associated with legal assistance. People’s Paralegal offers attorney referral services for inmates/detainees to attorneys who have agreed to charge moderate rates. We may arrange the connection between a client and an attorney, and thereafter, upon the attorneys’ discretion, we may then provide most of the research that the attorney requires for the case, but it is the attorney who is responsible for making all the legal decisions for the case.

People’s Paralegal & Research Services specializes in the criminal appeal process, immigration forms of relief, and in-depth research and motion for those with open and closed court cases. We have chosen to specialize in these processes because we are aware that: We are aware that: 1.) Most citizens are unaware of the cost-effective options they can take to address their legal matter;2.) Most immigrants are not aware of all the forms of relief available to them as they go through immigration proceedings and, if need be, their appeal options thereafter; 3.) Most incarcerated individuals do not possess the resources nor legal knowledge to efficiently perform the extensive in-depth research their case requires, left to rely solely on the word counsel; and 4.) Most Post-Conviction (Sentenced) inmates are not aware of all their appeal rights and options.


We have been consistent in providing our affordable services to clients and informing them on the legal options at their disposal, guiding them through the legal processes in which they would not have known otherwise. We have found success in assisting clients in filing Pre-Trial motions Appellate court briefs, Post-Conviction Relief motions, family court motions and child support modifications, dismissal of Municipal court fines and tickets, and in the preparation of immigration forms for relief, etc. We have found success in assisting the incarcerated populations throughout their legal processes in pre-trial pleadings and motions, in the Appellate Division, and in filing Post-Conviction Relief motions. Please see our reviews for reference.